Bauhaus Archive

The symbol of modern design

Whilst In Berlin I visited the Bauhaus Archive, a non-profiting organisation that shows works of the students and masters that taught at the Bauhaus, it was really inspirational and interesting. The Bauhaus is said to be "The symbol of modern design".

I was particularly interested in the teachings of Kandinsky and immediately bought a some gouache and set about painting once I returned back to Dusseldorf. Kandinsky taught a second semester course "Primary Artistic design". He believed in free art and free spirit and "loathed technical design for practical application" and had specific thoughts on colour leading to the creation of the Bauhaus trademark, yellow triangle, red square and blue circle.

Masters and teachers

Walter Gropius -
Founder of the Bauhaus "Students should all be masters of craft".

Taught the preliminary aspect of the course "Everybody is talented, it just needs to be fostered"

Josef Albers-
Believe students "...should work with simple materials and techniques"

Johannes Itten-
Invented the primary course. "Rhythm. The basic Principle of all creativity."


Marianne Brant-
Created silver and ebony teaset by private commision. She was influenced greatly by Moholy Nogy as the metal work shows sculptural realisations of his compositions.

Bella Ullmann-
Drawings/images created using gouache on paper, then cut and twisted. "Arrangement of circles, 1930"

Otti Berger-
Smooth and rough textures on paper with colour.

Marcel Breuer-
"Lath Chair, 1924"

-Highrise at Friedrichstrasse Station 1921 by Ludwig Miles Van Der Roche
-Bauhaus Dessau, school and representation of the institution
-The Red cube, single family home