Whilst on my 1 hour tour of Dusseldorf I came across an exclusive department store for design, Stilwerk.
"stilwerk is a platform for international design, bringing together a world of premium branded products in the interior décor and living sectors that spans furnishings, living accessories, office and property interiors, gifts, fabrics, floor- ing, kitchen and bathroom design, consumer electronics and lighting and even fashion. stilwerk’s comprehensive roster of premier international manufactur- ers includes major names such as Artemide, B&B Italia, Bang & Olufsen, Capel- lini, Cassina, Cor, Driade, E15, Flos, Fritz Hansen, Gaggenau, Interlübke, Kartell, Ligne Roset, Moroso, Thonet, Tobias Grau, vitra, Walter Knoll, Wilkhahn, Zanotta and many more."

Inspiring products and general cool stuff.

Design forum- Quirky store selling designer products for the home

-Love here Glass making, Germany
-Rader Tableware
-Adhoc- Tee-EI here here Danish tableware

Baulthaup- Kitchen design

-Stainless steel products/bright colours, soft lines and curves
- 'On the go" porducts
- More decorative pieces, e.g appliances have a more beautiful nature than usual.

Bauhaus Archive

The symbol of modern design

Whilst In Berlin I visited the Bauhaus Archive, a non-profiting organisation that shows works of the students and masters that taught at the Bauhaus, it was really inspirational and interesting. The Bauhaus is said to be "The symbol of modern design".

I was particularly interested in the teachings of Kandinsky and immediately bought a some gouache and set about painting once I returned back to Dusseldorf. Kandinsky taught a second semester course "Primary Artistic design". He believed in free art and free spirit and "loathed technical design for practical application" and had specific thoughts on colour leading to the creation of the Bauhaus trademark, yellow triangle, red square and blue circle.

Masters and teachers

Walter Gropius -
Founder of the Bauhaus "Students should all be masters of craft".

Taught the preliminary aspect of the course "Everybody is talented, it just needs to be fostered"

Josef Albers-
Believe students "...should work with simple materials and techniques"

Johannes Itten-
Invented the primary course. "Rhythm. The basic Principle of all creativity."


Marianne Brant-
Created silver and ebony teaset by private commision. She was influenced greatly by Moholy Nogy as the metal work shows sculptural realisations of his compositions.

Bella Ullmann-
Drawings/images created using gouache on paper, then cut and twisted. "Arrangement of circles, 1930"

Otti Berger-
Smooth and rough textures on paper with colour.

Marcel Breuer-
"Lath Chair, 1924"

-Highrise at Friedrichstrasse Station 1921 by Ludwig Miles Van Der Roche
-Bauhaus Dessau, school and representation of the institution
-The Red cube, single family home

Inspire, Buy and Fly


Retro 50's and vintage floral love......

My mum's home town of Knutsford, Cheshire.....full of lovely shops and inspirational products.

I'm loving the the 1950's style prints and pretty florals, the window displays here at Simon Boyd would have you thinking you had stepped back in time to the days of wonderful 50's print and retro styling!


Whilst browsing around I also came across a beautiful little shop that sells lots of wonderful craft and interior products as well as other interesting and unique accessories and toys. They also have a number of beautifully restored pieces of furniture which I love!

Here's a link to their blog, "House interiors and products", or you can visit their website


Fibre and clay is a lovely little shop that sells crafty gifts as well as raw materials for you to create your own wonders and delights with! They specialise in textile and ceramics selling items such as yarns, patterns, buttons and cute sewing bags. Great potential here to get your crafty fingers working!

Newcastle-Under-Lyme art foundation and diploma exhibition

On a new hunt for inspiration and ideas of new and upcoming talent, I took a visit to my old college to check out what the new students had produced. I was particularly inspired by the illustration work, particularly the work that wasn't done on paper, but other objects instead. Such as this ski jacket illustrated by painted images of the arctic.

New Designers and more!!

New designers, Liberty's and Marimekko

A cheeky trip down to London is always a good place to start when in need of inspiration!

So when I had the chance to visit New designers I didn't pass up the opportunity. It was fantastic, but so full of talent that it kind of freaked me out a little. I was particularly interested in the print design, textile work and accessories and jewellery. Print and textiles is something that I am interested in working with for my final year however I have always had a love for accessories, in particular jewellery. Seeing so many beautiful pieces allowed me to reconnect with my past interest and possible reconsider the thought of accessory and jewellery design for my final year.

(Unfortunately I am currently blogging from a tiny flat in the center of Dusselorf and I don't have my notes with me of who inspired me most and the magnificent pieces I saw. I will update you all soon)
Liberty' I can tell you about my trip to Liberty's. I have a secret confession, I have never actually been there before! However Since being assistant at Spinsters Emporium, and spending hours working on products to be stocked in the Liberty's store I had no choice but to go and take a look.
Below you can see some of the Vintage button cards created by us at Spinsters for Liberty's.

As well as being excited by this I was also amazed at how beautiful the building is!

Inspirational products, bits and bobs.

Marimekko, the Finnish textile and clothing company founded by Armi and Viljo Ratia creates timeless prints for quality clothing and accessories. I just love the Marimekko prints and fabrics, the colours are lush too.

NTU Graphic design degree show

After feeling pretty deflated and uninspired, i visited the final year degree shows that have recently sprouted up and around Nottingham Trent. It was fantastic to see all the new talent and magnificent work! Whilst wandering aimlessly around the Graphic Design show, I began to relive my old feelings of excitement for words.......alongside my passion for birds.... maybe this is where I will start?